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Xbox Fan Accelerator with Alarm


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Product Code980609

This module is suitable for all Xbox consoles other than the original Xbox 360.
It is suitable for the following consoles:
Xbox 360 Slim
Xbox One
Xbox One S
Xbox One X (Scorpio)

This is a small module that can be fitted to your Xbox console that will increase the speed of the fan by approximately 50%* of the speed set by the console and also continuously checks that the fan is actually spinning.

This module will automatically track the speed control signal from the console and drives the fan at 50%* greater speed. Therefore, when the console is cold, the fan will still run slower than when it is hot, but always at 50%* faster than the Xbox would drive it.

The module also continuously monitors the speed of the fan and if no movement is detected (the fan is not spinning) will sound an alarm to alert the gamer to the fact that the console is in serious danger of overheating. The alarm is instant - as soon as the fan stops spinning the module will sound the alarm so the problem can be investigated well before any damage occurs.


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Teccy bits...

Your Xbox fan speed is controlled using the Pulse Width Modulation technique, therefore the speed control should not be modified using the "12 volt" technique, which is at best cumbersome, doesn't work very well (unless you want permanent full speed) and could damage the fan's electronics.

The module is built on a high quality professionally made pcb and uses very reliable surface mount technology. It is easy to fit with no soldering or cutting of wires; simply unplug the fan, plug in the module and plug the fan into the module. The mod is easily reversible, so the console can be returned to its original configuration with no evidence of the mod ever having been there.


You will need to open the case in order to fit the module, so please be aware that this will invalidate your warranty.

This module is designed to keep your system cooler and therefore help avoid overheating problems




  • Automatically tracks the fan speed required by the console
  • Increases the fan speed by 50%*, so reduces the console temperature more than normal
  • Continuously monitors the actual speed of the fan
  • Sounds an alarm if the fan stops
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • "Fit and Forget"
  • Suitable for all current Xbox consoles except the 360

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