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Xbox Fan Accelerator (Custom rate)


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Product CodeXBX-BLU-CST

This module is suitable for all Xbox consoles other than the original Xbox 360.
It is suitable for the following consoles:
Xbox 360 Slim
Xbox One
Xbox One S
Xbox One X (Scorpio)

This module is identical to the standard accelerator (see here) except that you choose the amount of acceleration you require! The standard version increases the fan speed by 50%, but if you buy this item I will program it to the rate of your choice, from 10% to 100% in 10% steps.

When you purchase this item, please make sure you let me know what rate you need programmed!

Please note that the fan in your console has a top speed (100%) which will never be exceeded. So, if you fit a module that will give 100% (twice) the speed demanded by the console, and the demand reaches 60%, the module can still only drive the fan at full (100%) speed - not twice the 60% to make the fan go at 120%!



This is a small module that can be fitted to your Xbox One that will increase the speed of the fan by the rate of your choice, of the speed set by the console. This helps keep your console cooler and therefore less likely to develop problems due to overheating.

Your Xbox Slim fan speed is controlled using the Pulse Width Modulation technique, unlike the original Xbox, and therefore the speed control should not be modified using the "12 volt" technique, which is at best cumbersome, doesn't work very well (unless you want permanent full speed) and could damage the fan's electronics.

The module is built on a high quality professionally made pcb and uses very reliable surface mount technology. It is easy to fit with no soldering or cutting of wires; simply unplug the fan, plug in the module and plug the fan into the module. The mod is easily reversible, so the console can be returned to its original configuration with no evidence of the mod ever having been there.

You can save money on this item when you purchase several at a time. The table below shows the minimum quantities required to benefit from this offer, and how much they'll cost.

QuantityPrice per unit

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Quality hardware and a must for a 360 S/E

I ordered this on Sunday from the midwestern U.S. and received it today, six days later. Hats off to you my're fast. Just installed the fan accelerator along with a clean and repaste of the CPU. Works a treat and my Xbox is noticeably cooler. I opted for 70% boost. It's only slightly louder but fan noise does not bother me in the slightest. A quality handbuilt piece of hardware from quality folks in the U.K. Thanks for building and selling me something I can trust and thank you for such speedy shipment. Cheers Kevin (10 Mar 2019, 00:43)

Chris Chambers

These work wonderful on my Xbox one S and X i personally have colin set them at 20% as it keeps the temp down MUCH more and the fan noise is still within reason to watch movies in a quiet room. (09 May 2018, 22:48)
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