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PS5 Externally Adjustable Fan Speed Controller (Yel/Bk)


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Product Code980503

This is a small module that can be fitted to your Playstation 5 that will allows the speed of the fan to be varied continuously from outside the case.

It will not, however, allow the speed to be reduced below that which the system demands. In other words, there will never be too little cooling.

Whilst the speed is varied by adjusting a potentiometer (pot), the module controls the fan using the correct Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) techniques and so causes no extra strain on the fan or its associated electronics.

The module is built on a high quality professionally made pcb and uses very reliable surface mount technology. The module itself is easy to fit: no soldering required, just unplug the fan, plug this module in its place and then plug the fan into the module.

The control pot is designed to be fitted through case and secured with the nut (provided) which will require at least one hole to be drilled, although there is no reason why the cable shouldn't be passed through a small slot and the pot attached to the outside of the case using glue or double-sided tape... or even just left hanging!

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Customer Reviews

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Works great. Easy to install.

Always wondered why Sony was running the ps5 fan so slow. I'm now able to increase the fan until the noise blends with my desktop computer with about 50% more airflow. Why Sony thinks everyone prefers silence over actual cooling is beyond me. Note: At full speed the fan is very loud, but stock I'm guessing they are running it about 5 to 10 %. Pot is just sitting on top of ps5 for now. Will build something for it later. Wasn't about to drill a hole in the ps5. Maybe someday Sony will let us run the fan faster with software, but until then this works great for me. (02 Oct 2021, 23:13)
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