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PS4 SLIM Variable Fan Override Controller (CUH-20xxx)


Product CodePS4-SLM-GREY

This is a small module that can be fitted to your Playstation 4 Slim that allows you to vary the speed of the fan regardless of what the console demands. This is a continuous adjustment over the full range of the control - the fan will not suddenly go from slow to fast, because this module drives the fan with the correct PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal. This also means that there will be no extra strain on the fan. Simply fitting a potentiometer is not the correct way to control the speed and may cause premature failure of the fan!

BEWARE! Setting the fan to spin too slowly may cause your console to overheat, so use wisely and at your own risk!!

Adjustment of the speed can be done using a small (2mm) screwdriver, which can be obtained here

The module is built on a high quality professionally made pcb and uses very reliable surface mount technology. It is easy to fit: no soldering required, just unplug the fan, plug this module in its place and then plug the fan into the module. Fitting details are available as a downloadable PDF document - here!

*** For a more detailed description of the difference between this and the green module, click here ***

You will need to open the case in order to fit the module, so please be aware that this will invalidate your warranty.

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